First Orthodontics Visit

What should you expect at the initial appointment?

Welcome to our office in Brentwood, TN. We recognize that each patient has different health needs, aesthetic goals, and expectations about orthodontic treatment. We have set aside a special time to discuss questions you have regarding you or your child's orthodontic care. 

When you schedule a new patient consultation appointment we will ask for insurance information so our insurance coordinator may determine if you have orthodontic benefits. This will allow us to provide you with information regarding benefits and payment options at your consultation appointment.

Upon your arrival, you will be kindly greeted by our receptionist. She will check you in and provide you with new patient paperwork. This paperwork is also available through the link at the bottom of this page. If you would like to print this off and fill it out prior to the consultation appointment it may lessen the wait time for your appointment. Once the paperwork is completed our receptionist will escort you and your child to one of our consultation rooms to meet with Dr. Robert.

During this time Dr. Robert will look at you or your child's teeth and bite to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed. If Dr. Robert determines that treatment is needed, he will then discuss the type of treatment needed, estimated length of treatment and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Once the initial examination has been completed, our treatment coordinator will provide you with the estimated cost of treatment, payment options that are offered through our office, as well as any insurance benefits that you may have. If Dr. Robert indicates that you or your child is ready for treatment and you are satisfied with the financial arrangements offered to you the process of starting orthodontic treatment can begin. At this time our treatment coordinator will discuss future appointments with you.

What if treatment is not recommended at the first appointment?

If treatment is not recommended at the initial appointment we will schedule a recall appointment in 6-12 months. This will allow Dr. Robert to monitor your child's growth and dental development. The majority of children are monitored until most of their permanent teeth have erupted before beginning orthodontic treatment.

What is my responsibility once the braces have been put on?

It is necessary that check-ups and cleanings continue with your regular dentist every six months throughout orthodontic treatment. The patient must also maintain regular visits to our office throughout orthodontic treatment. These visits are typically scheduled every 4 weeks for adjustments to the braces and check hygiene. It is necessary to see the patient every 4 weeks to keep them on track for the treatment time estimated by Dr. Robert at the consultation.

Orthodontics is very different from most specialties in dentistry. The Orthodontist and the staff cannot do all of the work for you. Successful treatment is a team effort. Patients, parents, staff and the orthodontist must work together to receive the reward of a pleasing, healthy smile.